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Two years ago I quit playing corporate CEO and returned to producing. This time I came home, to music. 

Most of what I want you to know about is in the music. I want even more for my songs to speak to you.

As I strive forward through the sludge of making it so often feels like I’m staring down the barrel of Mount Everest. Did I wait too long? Who do I think I am? Where is the summit? Will I ever get there? But I’m in it. Hook line and sinker. There’s nothing like making music.
Music is healing and that's how I use it.  Cause, when it hits you feel no pain. 

Thanks for coming on the journey with me. 
A LOVE NOTE: Music holds space when nothing else can. Music is our medicine. We are born to understand it and for most of us we couldn't live without it. All alone in the emptiness of life it waits to hold us. Again and again. A trusted old friend. 

It is a language that we understand when we are born. For those who are lucky, it is a conduit for expressing what mere words can not.

Pain, sorrow and sublime sadness. Joy, rage and love. The music moves us. 

If you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.
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