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My Songs.

LHAA is a song about fantasy. It's a song that acts out impulsive thoughts instead of acting them out in real life. Fantasy is always more fun anyway. 
The Wolf is a song about a dog named Maggie. Was once a wolf and now she’s dead. A casualty of war. An almost friend.
I had been operating under an old unchecked notion that sad was bad and happy was good. But maybe we were made to be angry too? Anxious even. What if happy and sad emotions are of equal parts? And hell, what if I am happy to be sad?
Handbook For The Recently Deceased was written during covid lockdowns. On a foggy and cool day biking down the Venice boardwalk a girl takes in the dystopian madness. It was almost like the movies...
In Daddy Wounds the EP a woman reflects on life-shaping events from the past and embraces the realities of having a mentally disturbed father and the anxiety that caused, coming to Jesus, living life with the patriarchy and what it feels like to fall in love with a clown.

cover art credit - Daddy.  
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